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Building professional and lasting relationships are at the heart of everything we do at Get Any Work Done. We strive to deliver a personalised approach to everything we do. We feel this is what sets us apart.

About GAWD?

Given the current circumstances and state of the business landscape in the UAE, companies are adopting ‘lean’ mindsets with the aim to lower operational and labour costs while maximising expertise and human resource utilisation. At the same time, a talent pool of world-class professionals has been made redundant or placed on limited work hours. Our platform is designed to connect our clients with these professionals as easily and quickly as possible.

Get Any Work Done is an online freelance marketplace created to help qualified individuals find freelance work opportunities or permanent placements in-country.

Get Any Work Done provides a simple, easy to navigate online platform where businesses or individuals can hire qualified freelance professionals for any scope of work, whether for short-term tasks, recurring projects, or full-time contract work.

Get Any Work Done is not a recruitment company, nor do we employ any candidates, sell any products or sponsor any applicants. We are an online portal that connects Suppliers and Professionals with potential Customers and Clients in order for them to connect and transact.


The GCC is primed for a freelance ‘remedy’ to provide cost-effective solutions that meet a company’s needs. Get Any Work Done delivers solutions ranging from basic office administration and data capture through to C-Level consultants, skilled technical construction staff, event staff, handymen and technical designers, to name a few.

Access to skilled freelancers, job seekers, promising entrepreneurs and potential business opportunities awaits in our databank. Why not let us connect you?

What We Do

Having in country access to specific skill sets may be critical to an organisation’s competitive advantage. Conversely, in country high potential hires from various industries and backgrounds might feel a bit lost in how to approach local businesses that are ready to help accelerate their careers.

Get Any Work Done is proud to help UAE’s modern organisations evolve and achieve the labour force and growth they're looking for. At the same time, we give UAE based talent a local opportunity that will allow them to continue to grow and thrive

Whether you’re an employer or a job seeker, GAWD is ready to help fearless businesses connect with sharp people so they can work together because helping build better futures for everyone in the UAE is what we’re all about.

GAWD’s team genuinely understands the challenges faced by industry across the UAE, the labour requirements businesses face today, and the specific skill sets required to achieve outstanding results. We have earned a solid reputation because we have a tried and tested track record for referring the right talent for any engagement and helping leading UAE companies mould their workforce into their strongest ally to achieve business goals. This is how we’re different.

Now... isn’t it time to see what great things we can achieve when we all work together?


What Work Do You Need Done?

Do you need help with a project or short-term, part-time, or long-term role filled?

Let us know what you need, and we’ll connect you with the right Freelance Professional.


Would you like to live and work in the UAE?

Get Any Work Done has our "Live and Work" programme, that offers you membership to our job and work portal. it also provides a 2- or 3-year residence visa and work-permit solution for you to live and work in the United Arab Emirates.

Let us know how we can help you.

Freelance With Us

Whether you’re an accomplished expert in your field looking for a career change, or a student looking for an income whilst studying, we are looking for you.

Register with us for work opportunities that require all skill and experience levels.

Permanent Staffing

Do you need to staff a full-time position?

Tell us what you’re looking for, upload a job description, and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss your requirements.

PRO/Legal Services

Do you require PRO assistance or a licensed South African or UAE lawyer? Our PRO and Legal Services team are here to help you!

Email us at [email protected] and tell us how we can help you

Education Sector

Are you an educational institution requiring a supply teacher or maternity coverage?

Are you a local parent looking for a licensed teacher to assist with homeschooling?

A tutor looking to help with extra lessons or an educator looking for work in the UAE?

We can help!

Let’s all work together and help one another so that we can all succeed together.


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